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Hello all and Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

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This year, we will accomplish great things in Social Studies; many of you will explore economics and the Constitution, in addition to general American or world-wide history.  

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Here's what to expect in the coming year:

6th Grade:

This year, we will track the rise of humanity from the  Paleolithic Eras, through Africa, the Middle East, the Asian continent.  We will explore the American cultures from the Clovis civilization through the Incan, Mayan and Aztec cultures, up through the landing of the Europeans.  We will explore the rise of humanity in Europe from the Indo-Europeans through to the British Renaissance.  This includes the rise of the Greeks and Romans, and the barbarians we call the Vikings.  We will explore various world-wide religions and it's impact on government systems and trade.  You will build a country that will share many of the same events that we will explore, develop trade relationships and explore the impact of art and war on your personal country.

7th Grade: 

This year is all about American History!  We will start with a quick overview of the Revolution, explore migratory patterns of Americans and major events that include the lead up to and the events of the Civil War.  We will explore Westward expansion and the Industrial, Progressive and Golden Eras.  We will interact with WWI and WWII, while understanding key elements of the Great Depression and it's causes.  Economics will make perfect sense as we trace American development into the major super-power we are today.  We will even talk about civics and how our governance works to contribute to our understanding of our country.

8th Grade:

We will explore how we started, and why Americans are the way we are!  We will start with the American Revolution and it's primary causes, explore the battles, and understand why we have the Constitution we have.   We will create our own Constitution for our own countries that will be participating in a large scale, long term Live Action Role Play Game.  Beware the Sparridians, as the Evil Empress will battle you for independence and sovereignty as you simulate the 20th century.  You will explore the Cold war and Civil rights through these simulations, gaining experience on understanding McCarthyism and a drive towards nuclear armaments. 


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All students will also be completing projects in Google Drive, something they will need a gmail account to access.  This free alternative cuts down on compatibility issues and is accessible regardless of your internet browser (indeed, some smart phones can access these docs.)